Olivier discovered his affinity for photography as a teenager. It has remained both his art and profession ever since.

“The artist’s vision is what matters most; the media and the various tools may change and evolve, but if an artist remains true to his vision, that vision is cast in stone”.

Olivier’s now all-inclusive skill-set subsequently led to gigs as DOP and then as director, which naturally evolved into to the notion of an integrated (“at large”) audio-visual production house where clients could have their every commercial communications platform serviced, from still photography to TV commercial production and Web design –- an ideal formula for maintaining consistent brand image and recognition.

The “at large” concept behind StaubStudio in 2004 also became the raison d’etre behind La Cavalerie 6 years later, when Olivier joined forces with partners Richard Speer. The merging of StaubStudio with 6ixdegres and Film Traffik vastly expanded production capacity and transformed the strengths of each of the smaller shops into a major force within the commercial communications sector.

Having forged strategic alliances with Attraction Média, La Cavalerie is now a comprehensive entity for audio-visual production. The best examples of its winning formula can be found in campaigns, past and present, for major clients such as Pepsi, GM, la Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec, Molson, Bombardier, Peugeot and, most recently, Rio Tinto (formerly Alcan).